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Agricultural, Automotive, Petroleum and Industrial

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Electrical Installations and Maintenance

Accu-Flo has provided goods & services to downstream oil & gas, transport, local, municipal, provincial and federal governments in addition to agricultural and industrial customers for over 30 years. With our products, electrical, and service divisions along with our expanded role of the manufacturing division, we will continue to serve our customers as we have since day one.

Products Division

Liquid Measurement and Related Products

Accu-flo started by servicing petroleum bulk plant meters but rapidly expanded its scope of work to include sales and service of some of North Americas top selling and performing meters.

Service Division

Service and Inspection

We are a full service facility and are able to provide Servicing and Inspection on behalf of Measurement Canada of liquid measurement and Related Products

Manufacturing & Electrical Distribution Division

Manufacturing and Technical Design

Custom Manufacturing and Technical Design products and installation services for Agricultural, Automotive, Petroleum and Industrial are built in our CSA approved facility

John D. Electric

Electrical Contractor

John D. Electric, our electrical division provides Electrical Installations & Maintenance for Automotive, Aviation, Petroleum and Environmental & Reclamation industries

Smart Cover Systems


SmartCover® Systems™

SmartCover® Systems™ provides leading Smart Infrastructure solutions enabling users to gain visibility into their water infrastructure. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensors deliver real-time data via the high-reliability Iridium® Satellite system to secure servers where users have 24/7 access to data via any web browser device. This information provides essential management insights that enable informed and incisive decisions.


Project Highlights

  • Integrated Distribution Panel for Shell Canada

    600 volt 1200 amp distribution complete with Asco closed transition transfer switch

  • Distribution Panel

    180 kvar 4step 9 increment power factor correction bank built into main distribution panel

  • Custom Fertilizer Blending Building - Batching System

    Fully self-contained maintenance free building with Measurement Canada Approved Massflow Metering System, isolated pump and compressor.

  • MCC Building for Husky Energy BULK FACILITY

    Electrical building complete with Motor control, Environmental and back end Point of Sale equipment all pre-commisioned.