Measurements Canada Certification, Calibration and Repair Services

As part of the Measurement Canada Registration Program, all of our calibration equipment is certified and traceable to NIST standards. Our fleet continues to expand to meet growing industry demands including:

Industries Served


  • Petroleum, Commercial and Retail
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • Aviation
  • Industrial Applications
  • Chemical Applications
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Mining
  • Food Processing
  • Government / Municipalities
  • Transit Operations


Accu-Flo Services a wide variety of products. If you do not see your system listed please contact us for further Information.

Volumetric Provers
  • 1500 Liter Mobile Unit

  • Truck Refuellers

  • Bulk Plants

  • High Speed Bulk Trucks

500 Liter (3) Mobile Units
  • Bulk Trucks

  • Dock Meters

230 Liter Mobile Unit
  • Dock Meters

  • High Speed Card lock Refuellers

20 Liter Measure
  • Retail Dispensers

500 Liter Stationary Prover
  • In-Shop Calibrations

  • Mineral Spirits

100 Liter Stationary Prover
  • In-Shop Calibrations

  • Mineral Spirits

Water Meter Test Bench – Stationary
  • All types of Water Meters

  • Batch System Testing

Gravimetric Provers

  • LPG Prover - Mobile

  • Retail LPG Dispensers

  • Bulk LPG Card lock Refuellers

  • Bulk Truck Meters

  • Bulk Truck Loading Facilities

LPG Prover–In-shop Stationary
  • Retail LPG Dispensers (Prior to Installation)

  • Bulk LPG Card lock Refuellers (Prior to Installation)

  • Bulk Truck Meters

Platform Scale 4’X4”
  • Lube Oil Meters

  • Chemical Applications

  • Miscellaneous

Certified Standards
  • Electronic Thermometers

  • Mercury Thermometers

  • Dial Thermometers

  • LPG Hydrometers

  • Test Weights

Repair & Re-Test

Mobile Liquid Volumetric Provers

Accu-Flo has four Measurements Canada certified Mobile Liquid Volumetric Provers that travel more than combined 500,000 km a year servicing bulk plants, retail stations, refineries and large fleet transporters. Our mobile Provers travel as far as Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Tadoule Lake and to remote locations in Northern Ontario.