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Tekinno has been providing display, control, and monitoring device adapted products since 2007. Tekinno products are currently used by aircraft refuelers, truck builders, petroleum and storage tank industries. Tekinno's goal has been to deploy technologies to avoid or substantially reduce human error, quality issues and increasing efficiency to a process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring. Using these products allows the operator to monitor and view relevant information remotely and operate equipment from a distance without “back and forth” movement that may cause safety issues.

The EAGLEVIEW Large LED Display

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The EAGLEVIEW large LED Display is a powerful and intelligent display built for the demanding applications. Information typically displayed are volume, pressure, greetings, warnings, etc. The large LED displays critical information for safe and accurate operations.

  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD is that is visible from far distances and in harsh climates. Temperature is not an issue for the EagleView Displays!
  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD is alphanumeric and offers you the ability to display greetings and marketing messages to your customers.


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  • Customizable display colors allows you to show your corporate color.
  • Universal display terminal by managing and displaying imperial/metric unit conversion
  • Easy to install and to update services with our PLUG & PLAY installation software
  • Easy message customization

Key Features

  • Highly visible digits 3 inches tall (7.5 cm) Visible from 120 feet (37 meters)
  • Both Imperial and Metric Units
  • Works with many meter manufactures (MIDCOM, LIQUID CONTROLS, VEEDER-ROOT, BARTEC, etc.)
  • Alphanumeric Display providing greater message flexibility.
  • Weather proof NEMA4x enclosure.

Served industries:

  • Oil and energy
  • Truck refueling industries
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Mining
  • Petroleum distribution & storage