About Accu-Flo Meter Service Ltd

Company Overview

Accu-Flo Meter Service Ltd is a privately owned diversified business that empowers its employees to sell and service liquid measurement and electrical goods to vertical markets.

The company has been engaged in the Municipal, C&I, Downstream Petroleum, Municipal, Agriculture and Industrial sectors. Our product and sales divisions are supplemented by our Service, Electrical and Manufacturing divisions, which enables us to provide our dedicated customers with a creative one stop shop for their individual needs.

Relationships are vital to our business and we view our clients and suppliers more as partners and friends in our competitive environment. Moving forward we are striving to become the Premier supplier in Western Canada for all the products we promote and service. We provide a fun but also a safe working environment through our Safety Programs and Accreditation.


The Company was founded in 1982 and now celebrates over 30 years providing products, testing, manufacturing and other related services to the Agricultural, Automotive, Petroleum and Industrial sectors. Steve Mayer, the current president and founder, heads the company which started by servicing petroleum bulk plant meters but rapidly expanded its scope of work to include sales and service of some of North Americas top selling and performing meters. The staff has grown from the three original employees to its current complement of over 40 employees.

In 2003, the Company opened a new electrical manufacturing facility that manufactures and customizes electrical distribution panels, video loss detection devices, surge suppression devices (TVSS), and custom batch systems. The technical division is housed at the same location, offering both technical support and troubleshooting via on line TLS monitoring.

2005 brought changes in government regulations, allowing Accu-Flo to become one of the first organizations to be certified to perform inspections on behalf of Measurement Canada. The Company has several volumetric & gravimetric provers, both mobile & stationary. All of the calibration equipment is certified and traceable to NRC standards. The service department consists of nine  qualified technicians, seven of which are Weights & Measures certified. The service department is proud of its safety record being both a member of COR & PIR. Accu-Flo actively promotes safety in its policies.