Retail and Mini Bulk Turn-Key Systems

KleerBlue's island-friendly Mini-Bulk solutions are the perfect combination of performance, protection, & affordability. These turn-key solutions are designed to fit directly on an island to allow you to begin dispensing DEF almost immediately.  The unique and attractive design protects against both spills and temperature fluctuations ensuring you protect every gallon.  And, the accompanying KleerBlue DEF dispenser gives you the ability to send data back to the home office for improved DEF tracking.

Retail Ultra Series

KleerBlue Mini-Bulk Ultra 500 Gallon Tank

Mini-Bulk Ultra 500 Gallon Tank

Begin offering DEF at your facility with minimal interruption. Designed with a tiny footprint, the KleerBlue’s Ultra 500 turn-key solution can be quickly installed almost anywhere at your facility. It comes assembled, pre-wired and pre-plumbed with forklift access points. The sleek, glossy white exterior is easy to clean and maintain. With no bottom or sidewall outlets, the Ultra 500 avoids leaks and will continue to look good for years to come!


  • Smallest Footprint Yet!
  • Maximize storage while minimizing fueling-island space requirements.
  • 500 gallons usable capacity (528 gallons brimful capacity) combined with overfill protection prevents inventory loss.
  • Enclosure base is only 48” long x 36” wide! (5” additional clearance required for controls.)
  • ISO 22241-3&4
  • PEI RP1100
  • Insulation protects DEF against both extreme heat and cold.
  • Efficient heating system ensures you can pump DEF even in cold temperatures.
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KleerBlue™ KleerBlue Ultra 500
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Retail Deluxe Series

KleerBlue Retail Deluxe Series
Fuel Island-Friendly Retail System: 400 & 1000 Gallon Mini-Bulk Turn-Key Solutions

KleerBlue offers several systems tailored to c-stores, truck stops, rental companies and other retailers depending on storage and dispensing capacity needed.  Of those, KleerBlue’s turn-key 400 & 1000 gallon mini-bulk systems are the quickest and simplest to install so you can begin selling DEF right away.

KleerBlue’s all-in-one Retail Fueling Island-Friendly systems really stand out from other similar systems in the marketplace.  Because DEF freezes at 12˚F, it requires special heating & insulation considerations to ensure you can continue to service customers in the most extreme environments. 


  • Each KleerBlue mini-bulk system is engineered to fit on a standard fueling island.
  • The included KleerBlue APEX or REGAL retail dispenser is designed to emulate standard dispenser protocols and work with all major site controllers and POS systems.
  • Optionally, the tank can operate remotely and/or with a 3rd party dispenser.
  • The tank design features mechanical overflow protection.
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G for impact, vibration, humidity, altitude, and extreme temperatures
  • The tank design features mechanical overflow protection.
  • Secondary containment design ensures even in the event of a leak, the liquid will stay between the inner and outer walls.
  • The tough HDLPE polyethylene outer double wall is UV protected, corrosion proof, and impact resistant.
  • The visual tank level gauge provides display of tank level to prevent volume issues.
  • Lockable ball valve in a lockable fill access compartment protects against possible DEF theft.
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KleerBlue™ Ultra 500 400 & 1000 Gallon Mini-Bulk Turn-Key Solutions
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Quick Retail Storage & Dispensing System

KleerBlue Quick Retail Storage
Quick Retail Storage & Dispensing System: Quickly and Affordably Begin Selling DEF

Many DEF retail systems today require a large initial investment. For retailers unsure of customer demand, this can be a major deterrent. That’s why KleerBlue now offers Quick Retail. This affordable, Weights & Measures-approved system comes with everything you need to begin offering DEF to your customers.

Systems include an empty 330 gallon tote with pump, retail dispenser, nozzles and hose. The only missing component is plumbing between the tote and dispenser. This is done to allow for fueling island OR remote dispenser configurations. As the customer demand for DEF grows, you can begin adding and replacing components without losing your initial investment.



  • The KleerBlue APEX or REGAL dispenser looks great at any facility.
  • The dispenser offers pulse output and is compatible with most retail POS systems. It can emulate most standard 3rd party dispenser protocols.
  • System does not include plumbing between tote & dispenser allowing you to place dispenser wherever it makes the most sense for your location.
  • Plumbing can be provided by KleerBlue’s in-house team or by a 3rd party.
  • KleerBlue APEX or REGAL dispenser is Weights and Measures-approved.
  • Tote includes a self-priming submersible pump. Unlike traditional diaphragm pumps, this pump will not pump air ensuring accurate and legal retail transactions.
  • Dispensers are certified by CSA to UL-508, ANSI/UL 50, CSA 22.2 No. 14-10 and 94-M199.
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KleerBlue™ Quick Retail Storage & Dispensing System