We don’t just have exceptional technology, we have exceptional technology created and backed by people who understand the daily realities of the wastewater industry. Every day, new and unexpected challenges put infrastructure, communities, employees, and resources at risk. It’s our job to make sure no one knows about them, except us. To protect our communities and ensure regulatory compliance, we engineer low burden high value data-driven solutions in the areas of:

  • Sewer spill prevention
  • Collection system cleaning optimization
  • Inflow and infiltration tracking
  • Manhole intrusion detection
  • Lift station backup
  • H2S monitoring
  • Nuclear power plant cable preservation
  • Storm and surface water data fusion

A SmartCover system equips wastewater workers with the right tools to protect the things that matter most. Our technology works in the background, silently keeping cities protected. From our real-time, storm-proof sensors to our web-enabled dashboard, our easy to understand reports and notifications have prevented countless overflows, fatal manhole accidents and wasted man hours. 

All while saving millions in fees, fines and ultimately rate increases.

SmartCover is guided by one goal – to keep the environment and quality of life in our communities protected against the out of sight. And we intend to keep it that way.

Technologies and Products Overview

SmartCover® is are so much more than just our technology. We’re in the business of giving peace of mind to our customers. Our tagline sends a signal to our customers that they can finally relax. They can feel comfort in having the support of a solid technology no matter the circumstance or challenge.

SmartCover® helps its customers protect the things that matter, whether that’s our communities, our operations, our environment, or our employees. It’s the comfort of having the backing of solid technology. The technology is a key part of what makes this possible, but it’s important to always focus on the protection it grants its users.

SmartCover®has Smart Sewer® tools and features that give operators in-depth insights into their collection system.


Level monitoring system utilizing advanced, secure, reliable satellite communications for continuous data acquisition that provides a collection system profile. 

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A process that uses SmartLevel™ monitors with the automated trend analysis software included in each system, to drive and optimize cleaning maintenance.

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SmartTrend® is a software tool that enables SmartLevel™ users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur.

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The new CSO monitoring system where users acquire start, stop, duration and volume of an overflow making reporting accurate and easy. SmartWeir helps users to assess and prioritize what, if any, upgrades are necessary. 

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Flow monitoring system designed for tracking I&I. When users want to determine wet vs. dry weather ratios, SmartFLOE provides fast results, the lowest cost of ownership and reduced risk. 

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Rain monitoring system that acquires data via Doppler radar and ground monitoring. Coupled in graphical form with level or flow data, inflow and infiltration sources are quickly identified. Sets up in minutes. 

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UnderCover gives you the ability to detect authorized or unauthorized opening of manholes so you can manage response information and provide proof of operations, labor accounting and citizen engagement. The visibility also allows you to combat illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.

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