Subsonic Dual Sensor

Full Dynamic Range

The SubSonic Dual Sensor is the standard sensor in the SmartCover suite of wastewater monitoring solutions. The sensor has full dynamic range of a manhole with visibility from the bottom of the channel to the cover. The sensor is engineered to function in wet, humid, corrosive conditions and the patented design combines the accuracy of an ultrasonic sensor with the wide range of a pressure sensor. The combination allows measurement of valuable water level data beyond the point when the sensor becomes submerged.


  • Sealed, submersible sensor is virtually maintenance free
  • Combines ultrasonic & pressure measurements
  • Drops closest to the invert
  • Accurate readings during water surges
  • Visibility from bottom of the channel to cover
  • Accuracy on narrow inverts
  • Particularly helpful for non-sewer environments: wet wells, holding tanks, cable vaults, open
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