Quality Products

KleerBlue™ delivers quality. The company believes in creating safe, durably products that offer long term value. All KleerBlue™ products meet ISO 22241 and PEI RP1100 standards. Before a product leaves its facilities, they ensure it’s flush and clean to avoid accidental contamination. KleerBlue™ offers the industry’s most comprehensive offering of DEF dispensing and storage systems. AccuFlo is proud to carry quality products from KleerBlue™. 

Some of the industries KleerBlue™ serves:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Plants
  • Bulk, Retail and Aviation Refuelers
  • Mining and Off-Road Construction
  • Municipalities and Schools 
  • Rental Companies
  • Trucking and Logistics

Products Overview

KleerBlue™ has the most in-house expertise in the industry. That expertise was recognized early on when we were asked to be part of the original committee to help establish PEI (Petroleum Equipment Industry) recommended practices and standards for the storage and dispensing of DEF. Through MEI we have a 60 year history handling urea, a main component of DEF. We have a full in-house engineering and PLC programming team. And, have years of PEI experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation, distribution and service. KleerBlue not only understands the liquid and product, we know the business as well.

Retail and Mini-Bulk Turn-Key Systems

KleerBlue's island-friendly Mini-Bulk solutions are the perfect combination of performance, protection, & affordability. These turn-key solutions are designed to fit directly on an island to allow you to begin dispensing DEF almost immediately.  The unique and attractive design protects against both spills and temperature fluctuations ensuring you protect every gallon.  And, the accompanying KleerBlue DEF dispenser gives you the ability to send data back to the home office for improved DEF tracking.

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DEF Dispensers Solutions

KleerBlue's delivers a full line of DEF dispensers to meet the various dispensing requirements across North America. These dispensers can be purchased as part of a turn-key system or stand-alone.Want to connect multiple remote dispensers to a single tank?  Want to use a third-party or underground tank?  Contact us today. We can help you design a unique solution for your specific facilities. 

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Fuel Island-Friendly Fleet System

KleerBlue offers several systems tailored to schools, municipalities, trucking companies and other fleets depending on storage and dispensing capacity needed.

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Large Bulk DEF Tank Systems

KleerBlue offers a full arrray of bulk tank systems for retailers, fleets and other DEF users. These tanks have be engineered for the most demanding environments and built to your specifications.

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Truck Bed Tank & Dispenser

Easily place this 50 or 100 gallon system in a truckbed or on a trailer for filling of and on-road SCR-equipped equipment. The systems include a nozzle cover to house the stainless steel nozzle.The system pumps can be connected to your vehicle via battery cable and clamps or permanently wired to your truck. 

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Drum and Tote/IBC Solutions

KleerBlue offers a wide variety of affordable open and closed dispensing solutions for drum and totes/IBCs. These solutions are designed to accommodate various budget and flow rate requirements. From electric to air-driven, from manual to gravity, KleerBlue has the solution you need. 

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DEF Saddle Box

Begin offering DEF fleet fueling with KleerBlue’s Saddle Box.  Designed to attach to diesel delivery trucks, KleerBlue’s DEF Saddle Box can be easily installed to unlock new wet hosing sales. Higher quality parts, secure exterior, aluminum enclosure, and stainless steel pump, ensures the Saddle Box requires minimal upkeep for long lasting use. 

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Nozzles, Hoses, & Other Accessories

KleerBlue offers a wide selection of DEF accessories in support of its other products. A selection of our most popular add-on and replacement parts along with part numbers are listed below for easy ordering. 

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