TLS-450 PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

With an easy to understand navigation, streamlined inventory and compliance reporting, and powerful business analytics, the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a powerful tool that allows you to run fueling operations at peak efficiency. And, with frequent releases of operating software for the TLS-450PLUS tank gauge you can be assured that data is secure and software features are routinely updated and enhanced.

The Fuel Management System to Grow Your Business On

TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge

Keeping compliant is vital to ensuring you’re not cutting into profits with costly fines or fees. The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge is designed to help you meet those requirements and maintain compliance records so you’re not tied down with red tape. With the availability to connect to a multitude of sensors, and features like Continuous Statistical Leak Detection or Electronic Line Leak Detection, the TLS-450PLUS fuel management system is flexible to suit the best compliance methods for your business.

Intuitive User Access Benefits:

  • Customized home screen and favorites options enable easy access to commonly used screens
  • Workflow Wizard for easy step by step configuration
  • PLUS-size 8” color WVGA LCD display provides simple touch screen navigation
  • Built-in help functionality for troubleshooting
  • Customized alarm settings, automated reporting, and Email notifications

Enhanced Business Analytics and Performance Benefits:

  • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) improves business decisions by combining meter transaction sales with AccuChart 3.0 Tank Calibration to better understand the site variance
  • Timed Sudden Loss Detection monitors unexpected changes in inventory, exposing possible issues including theft during quiet periods
  • Standard configuration allowing for up to 64 inputs, expandable to 256
  • Unmatched performance with 5x processing speed, 8x memory and 2x data storage than the previous generation Automatic Tank Gauge
  • Built-in data logging enables approved data transfer for wet stock management

Worry-Free Regulatory Compliance Benefits:

  • The largest volume available today for extended line leak detection, supporting ever-growing fuel site locations.
  • Third-party evaluated and certified leak detection systems by the National Work Group of Leak Detection Evaluators (NWGLDE), providing independent support of product effectiveness.
  • Streamlined reports allow quick and easy data access while eliminating manual recording errors.
  • Smart data back-up prevents data loss during system maintenance and during power outages.
  • Built-in data logging enables approved data transfer for wet stock management
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Remote Connectivity Options for the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4, and TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs)

The remote access features of the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4, and TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) deliver critical inventory and site data when and where it’s needed.

Your ATG Data at Your Finger Tips


Remote Monitoring

THE PLUS VIEW is a mobile app for Android and Apple iOS that connects you directly to tank gauge data no matter where you are. Managers and owners can easily monitor their fuel site inventory and alarms while they are off-site.

THE PLUS VIEW is a real-time feed for remote on-site displays or more remote mobile applications, with last refresh date and time stamps to confirm the live connection to your TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 Series Automatic Tank Gauges:

Intuitive APP Benefits:

  • Station overview for an immediate status check on tank inventory
  • Reports tab allows quick access to inventory and last delivery report
  • Alarms tab gives you instant access to view active alarms at a site
  • Built-in help functionality for troubleshooting
  • View Volume, Ullage, Water Height, Fuel Height

Remote Monitoring

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