Ecoglo® Step Edge

Ecoglo® Photoluminescent Step Edge

Ecoglo® Photoluminescent Step Edge Markings

Ecoglo photoluminescent step edge products provide step edge visibility and enhance egress speed in all light conditions. Ecoglo has a wide range of products available for different stairs finishes including concrete, metal, carpet, tile and more.sem Ecoglo is the product of choice by major facilities around the word to help mitigate risk and reduce liability.

In Canada there is now two standards for Photoluminescent performance. ULC572 defines the required performance. ULC590 defines how safety way guidance should be designed and installed.

Why Ecoglo® Step Edge System?

Continuous lines of luminance, marking the perimeter of an evacuation path are best. Marking of handrails and steps ensures evacuees see clearly where their feet and hands should land. Photoluminescent SWG is never obscured by shadows and is under smoke if it accumulates in the evacuation route.

  • Ecoglo® SWG eliminates the standard short comings of electrical systems.
  • Problems with partial or total failure.
  • Insufficient light
  • Reduces Slips & Slip Resistance
  • Hard Wearing Abrasion Resistance
  • Location of high light casts shadows
  • Ineffective in smoke conditions
  • Limited operating time
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