Large Bulk DEF Tank Systems

KleerBlue's configurable tank solutions give you the power to build a DEF solution as unique as your business. They are available in horizontal & vertical orientation, insulated and heated or non-insulated, and from 850 gallons to 20,000 gallons.  Below is some more information about our standard systems. We can provide additional tank capacities, dimensions, double wall, seismic restraint systems, and manifolded submersible pumping systems. Contact us for more details.

Bulk Tanks for End Users

KleerBlue Large DEF Tanks

500-16,500 Gallon Bulk Tank Systems

KleerBlue offers a full arrray of bulk tank systems for retailers, fleets and other DEF users. These tanks have be engineered for the most demanding environments and built to your specifications.

Aboveground tanks are easier to install and less disruptive to your operations than their in-ground counterparts. They cost less, and can be manifolded to additional tanks so that you can quickly expand your storage capacity as demand increases. If and when you want to reconfigure your facility, tanks can be moved and/or resold so you don’t lose your investment. Tanks can be located outdoors in warm climates, stored inside shelters or equipped with a factory-installed insulation and heating system.



  • KleerBlue offers tanks from 500 to 16,500 gallons from a variety of manufacturers to give you both the tank size and capacity you need for your facility.
  • Maximize storage while minimizing fueling-island space requirements.
  • Optional factory-installed heating system heats DEF preventing freezing and dispensing downtime in cold climates.
  • Each system is equipped with single submersible pump, but multiple pumps can be manifolded to service multiple dispensers.
  • ISO 22241-3&4
  • Standard KleerBlue bulk poly tanks are built to ASTM D1998 specifications.
  • Standard tanks are single-walled UV stabilized HDLPE polyethylene flat bottom tanks. Double-walled tanks are also available.
  • Tank straps, wind and seismic restraints are available to prevent tanks from falling or being blown over.
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KleerBlue™ 500-16,500 Gallon Bulk Tank Systems
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Ultra Series Bulk Storage

KleerBlue Retail Deluxe Series
Ultra Series Bulk Storage Units: Large Storage. Small Footprint. Sleek Design.

The first and largest of our Ultra Series bulk tanks, this classy and robust unit is the perfect solution for large fleets and retailers.

Aboveground bulk tanks offer many advantages including lower initial cost and ease of expansion. However, where to locate the tank at your facility can be an issue. KleerBlue’s Ultra Series turn-key unit solves this dilemma. Offering the industry’s largest storage capacity within a compact, heated and insulated, and aesthetically pleasing unit, it is everything you’ve ever wanted in an aboveground bulk tank.



  • 2,600 or 4,400 gallon capacities allow for improved scheduling and pricing.
  • Extra-large 8,800 gallon capacity allows for 5000+ gallon transport deliveries without needing to completely empty the tank. 
  • The white weather-proof exterior can be customized to match your overall facility branding and design.
  • The small footprint offers many placement options.
  • Above ground tank eliminates need to bury an underground storage tank.
  • Volume safety margins combined with overfill protection prevents inventory loss.
  • Secondary containment - 2 inner tanks and an outer wall.
  • Weather-proof exterior offers long life and low maintenance.
  • Industrial-grade insulation protects against both extreme heat and cold.
  • Highly Efficient Tank Heating System
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KleerBlue™ Ultra Series Bulk Storage Units: Large Storage. Small Footprint. Sleek Design.
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