Gilbarco® 175kW DC High Power EV Charger

A scalable, flexible high-power charging (HPC) system for commercial fleet operators, traditional fuel stations, motorway rest stops and convenience stores.

The RT175-S offers convenient and fast RV charging to drivers on the go, and is ideally suited for traditional fuel stations, fleet yards, motorway rest stops and convenience stores. The modular layout of the RT175-S system makes it flexible and the technology makes it scalable to suit the needs of the owner.

Since the EV charging experience is hands-free, EV drivers can leave their vehicles while charging and take advantage of amenities. This brings you more opportunities to drive C-store sales and increase revenue.

Built for business
Gilbarco® 175kW DC High Power EV Charger Applications Graph

The RT175-S High Powered DC vehicle charger, with isolated power unit, allows for continuous 175kW operation at up to 104°F/40°C. The compact and unquestionably futuristic industrial design is ideal for high population areas and can just as easily be adopted for highway rest stops, fuel stations, municipal installations, utilities, fleet, hospitality, education, destination centres as well as heavy infrastructure use cases such as mining and ports.

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with ISO 15118 Plug and Charge technology.
  • Patented liquid-cooled technology offering the highest ingress protection.
  • IP65 rating with sealed electronics enclosure.
  • Durable and robust metal framework – IK10 (HMI IK8).
  • 3G / 4G wireless communication.
  • Effortless OCPP integration.
  • 350A CCS1/CCS2 and 200A CHAdeMO connectors with long reach cable management.
  • Credit card reader with several payment model options (including Cloud API).
  • Integrated safety loop with tilt sensors and door switch.
  • High output, continuous 350A charging without the need for liquid cooled cable.
  • Wide voltage range 200V – 920V DC.
  • Low power mode when charger is on idle.
  • Power Unit with integrated reinforced isolating transformer.
  • AC link distance of up to 200m.
  • Compatible with TN or TT earthing systems for increased site installation flexibility.
  • Surge protection from lightning strikes with integrated SPDs on AC and DC links.
  • User Unit features extra low voltage power supply for increased user safety.
  • Optional cold weather kit for operation down to -22°F/-30°C (standard offering 14°F/-10°C).
Custom Branding

Extend the visual impact of your brand with customization

The RT175-S can be customized by choosing a range of colors for the plastic enclosure and applying bespoke vinyl wrap designs, easily adapting the charger to suit your corporate image. The RT175-S has a significant area for branding on the front and back, and, with both sides illuminated at night time, you can display your brand round-the-clock for maximum visibility. The vinyl wrap can be easily replaced if branding changes.

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