Real-Time Flow Monitoring for Weirs and Weir Structures

SmartWeir™ is the application of the industry-leading SmartCover®  level monitoring system to the real-time measurement of water flow over a weir. Easily installed, SmartWeir™ uses a highly reliable and accurate ultrasonic flow monitoring sensor behind the weir in a location that enables weir flow to be calculated based on weir design. Classic weir formulas developed, tested and approved by ASTM, ISO, and USBR are used to generate real-time weir flow data. Weir data are transmitted via the highly reliable Iridium® satellite system to the SmartCover® cloud, where it can be easily accessed by users of the system via any Internet connection. In locations where weir overflows are sporadic, the start time, end time, and incident flow volume can be logged and reported in real-time. SmartWeir™ is fully two-way allowing operational parameters to be changed by the user at any time to provide optimal results.

A significant application of SmartWeir™ is the real-time and continuous monitoring of combined sewer system (CSS) overflow structures and outfall pipes. Under normal conditions, the combined sewers are not overflowing, but in rain events of sufficient intensity, a combined sewer overflow (CSO) can occur. Regulatory agencies are requiring CSS operators to know – in real-time – when a CSO starts, stops, the duration of the event, and the overflow volume. SmartWeir™ provides this data to the CSS operator and can also provide automatic real-time public notification if that is required. 


  • Know How Your System Responds to Rain Events
  • Quantify Overflow Events For Regulatory Relief and Measurement of Mitigating Measures
  • Real-Time Visibility into Your System

Structure Types Monitored:

  • Open Channel Weirs
  • SCombined Sewer Structures

Remote Communications:

  • Two-Way Wireless: Sends Data From Site; Receive Commands Sent By User For Operational Parameters
  • SMilitary-Grade Communications: Iridium®Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation

Data Analysis, Data Fusion and Storage:

  • T SmartCover® Server Cloud, Housed in Highly Secure Robust Environment
  • Access to Data, Charts, Graphs, Analysis Through Any Internet Connection
  • Weir Flow Formulas Developed and Used by ASTM, ISO, and USBR
  • Integration of NOAA Based and Ground Truth Adjusted Real-Time Rain Data
  • Rain Correlation Tool, Providing Real-Time Response of a System to a Local Rain Event

Decision and Operational Support:

  • Patented SmartTrend™ Tool Signals When an Overflow Structure Requires Cleaning After a Storm
  • Start Time, Stop Time, Duration, Volume, and Real-Time Notification of Overflow Conditions


SmartWeir™ can be used in various applications including:

  • Combined Sewer Collection Systems
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