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Trimec Flow Products

Trimec Flow Products Pty Ltd, established in 2011 and based in Melbourne, Australia is an ISO9001:2008 certified company that manufactures a range of multi-pulse rotary piston flow meters and supplies a full range of positive displacement flow meters throughout the world.

Trimec Flow Products markets a range of oval gear flow meters, turbine flow meters, insertion flow meters, and impeller flow meters, ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation.

The meters measure the flow of clean liquids and are produced in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit most markets including the water, food, chemical, cosmetic, ink, pharmaceutical, paint, petroleum, automotive, naval and additive industries.

Multi-pulse Rotary Piston Flow Meters

The Trimec Flow Products MP series has long been established as a simple but reliable metering principle providing high levels of accuracy & repeatability for a wide range of liquids from extremely viscous lubricants, chemicals & food bases to non conductive solvents & fuels.

Liquid enters into a precision machined chamber which contains an oscillating piston. The position of the piston divides the chamber into compartments containing an exact volume. The liquid pressure causes the piston to oscillate and rotate its centre hub. The movements of the hub are sensed through the meter wall by a series of magnets. Each revolution of the piston hub is equivalent to a fixed volume of liquid, which is indicated as flow by an indicator or totaliser. Close clearances between the piston and the chamber ensure minimum slippage of the liquid for highly accurate and repeatable measurement of each volume cycle.

Applications include alcohols, acetic acid, caustic soda, ethanol, fuels, grease, glucose, ink, insecticides, latex emulsions, liquid sugar, margarine, mayonnaise, molasses, resin, tallow, urethane, water, xylene & liquid yeast.

  • Measure low & high viscosity liquids.
  • Insensitive to mounting orientation.
  • Has only one moving part (oscillating piston).
  • Has no stagnate chambers to accumulate contaminants or stale products.
  • Certified Exd hazardous area versions in all sizes.
  • No need for flow conditioning (straight pipe run etc).
  • Limited number of spares parts needed to support the product.
  • Extremely compact and comparatively lightweight.
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Oval Gear Flow Meters

The Trimec Flow Products TF Series Oval Gear PD flowmeters offer a high level of accuracy turndown & repeatability. These precision meters are used for flow rate measurement in flow monitoring & control application and for totalizing in dispensing and batching. Micropulse gear meters are suitable for use with a wide range of clean liquids including viscous lubricants, chemicals, food bases & non-conductive low viscosity solvents either pumped or gravity fed.

The Oval Gear Flow meter uses two fine-toothed meshed gears that are oval in shape and engage each other in a precision machined body. This fluid is transferred sequentially from the inlet to the outlet and one ore two pulses are transmitted for each revolution of the gear. Embedded within the gear, a pair of chemically resistant magnets provide the external signals. Detection of the rotation uses either a reed switch or a Hall effect sensor on the outside of the fluid housing. A choice of materials allows the meters to be used in a variety of corrosive applications.

The equipment is suitable for use in hazardous areas, and the basic meter is classed as simple apparatus, enabling use in monitoring flows of low viscosity hydrocarbons, fuels and solvents.

  • High accuracy repeatability.
  • Measure low high viscosity liquids.
  • Optional electronic registers.
  • Certified Exd hazardous area versions in all sizes.
  • No need for flow conditioning (straight pipe run etc.)
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow.
  • Specialty high pressure meters for mining & exploration.

High resolution output, Explosionproof, integral and remote LCD totaliser-batch totaliser, flow rate totalisers, scaled pulse, 4~20mA and flow alarm outputs, electronic batch controllers and pulse processing modules.

TF-Series Small Capacity Oval Gear Flow Meter
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TF-Series Medium Capacity Oval Gear Flow Meter
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TF-Series Large Capacity Oval Gear Flow Meter
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Turbine Meters

The basic construction of turbine flow meters includes a bladed turbine rotor which is axially suspended in the pipe. As the fluid flows through the pipe, it causes the rotor to spin on its axis at a speed which is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The passage of each rotor is sensed by the turbine meter using gears, photoelectric cell or magnetic pickup installed on the outside of the flow tube or the meter body, adjacent to the perimeter of the rotor.

MT Turbopulse mini & the larger PT Turbopulse turbine series measure flows of low viscosity liquids from 3 to 550,000 litres/hr in a range of sizes from 1/4″ to 6″ (6mm~150mm).

The MT mini series have a tangential rotor with integral flow conditioning ports whilst the PT series have an axial rotor and flow guides, the PT series needs to be installed in straight sections of pipe either horizontal or vertical so that the flow is conditioned. The PT series have Exd & Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) approvals. Meters are available in Flanged or Threaded versions.

Both meter series are robust, compact & take little space in the piping system. Applications include fuels, alcohols, solvents, insecticides, milk, chemicals, water & light hydraulic oils.

  • High accuracy & repeatability.
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow range.
  • Rugged & compact design.
  • Certified Exd & I.S. hazardous area versions.
  • Quadrature pulse output option.
  • Integral or remote pre-amplifiers & flow instruments.
  • ±0.15% custody transfer models available
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Diesel Electronic Flowmeter

Trimec Flow Products FD-Series Diesel Flowmeters are designed for common transfer applications involving diesel fuel, including receipt verification, loading, un-loading, distribution and dispensing where custody transfer (weights and measures) is not required. They are suitable for fleet depots, mine sites, construction sites, farms, marine facilities & portable fueling applications. The meters are compact and can be used in both pumped and gravity-fed systems.

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Insertion Paddle Meters

The Trimec Flow Products Dualpulse insertion paddle wheel flow transducer is a cost effective means of accurately measuring the flow of water, water-like liquids or a wide variety of low viscosity liquids in completely full, large diameter pipes. The sensor is inserted into the process piping via a suitable fitting. Liquid flow through the pipe results in rotation of the affixed paddle wheel. The rotational speed of the paddle is proportional to the flow velocity, and therefore, proportional to the flowrate in the pipe.

The insertion type design provides a measuring technique that is much less expensive than full bore flowmeters, especially in larger pipe sizes. Insertion paddle wheel sensors are a robust measuring technology that boasts exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Suits pipes 40~2500mm (1.5~100″)
  • Low installed cost
  • Simple to install
  • Unique head design to extend linear measuring range
  • Two independent pulse outputs with high noise immunity (CE compliant)
  • High pressure submersible design
  • Hot tap option

IF500 & IF600 are cost effective stainless steel flowmeters for measuring the flow of liquids in pipes sizes 1.5″~100″ (40~2500mm).

Insertion flowmeters are installed with the metering head 1/8th into the pipe resulting in very little pressure drop. They do not require external power when used with the Trimec rate totalisers however some options such as high temperature & non-magnetic models require external power.

Applications include HVAC, hot & chilled water, fire systems, water distribution (management & treatment), boiler feed water & hydrant flow testing.

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Low Cost Impeller Meters

The Trimec Flow Products UT series is specifically engineered for the most common liquid transfer and monitoring applications within industrial plants, mining sites, automotive service centers and refueling installations. Monitoring and controlling the movements of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids under pumped or gravity conditions in small pipe sizes is widespread. The UT flowmeter provides a cost effective & reliable solution with a variety of versatile options.

  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Low cost of ownership, wide flow turndown.
  • Rugged and compact design.
  • Intrinsically safe hazardous area versions.
  • Integral flow conditioning and strainer.


LCD totaliser-batch totaliser, flow rate totalisers, scaled pulse, 4~20mA & flow alarm outputs, packaged electronic batch control system and pulse processing modules.

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High Pressure Meters

Trimec Flow Products and Trimec Industries produce a number of meters for various high pressure applications within the exploration, hydraulic, lubrication, marine & mining industries. From the flow range chart opposite one can select a particular meter which best suits their piping & flow range requirements.

Trimec standard high pressure meters are stainless steel; intermediate pressure meters in alternate materials are produced to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Standard Options
Integral and remote preamplifier, LCD totaliser-batch totaliser, flow rate totalisers, scaled pulse, 4~20mA & flow alarm outputs, electronic batch controllers and pulse processing modules.

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Flow Instrumentation

FLOW RATE TOTALISERS – battery powered
Trimec Flow Products offer two models, the RT12 is more orientated towards the process control industry providing a range of analogue & digital outputs compatible with PLC’s & other plant control equipment. The new RT20 has larger digits specifically suited for liquid transfer applications requiring high visibility & back lighting.

BATCH CONTROLLERS – for digital inputs
The EB Ecobatch is fully programmable a two stage pre-set batch controller with high speed counting & automatic overrun compensation. Applications include bottle & container filling, loading systems & batch mixing.

BATTERY TOTALISER – low cost & compact
Providing resettable & accumulative totals on two lines of display, the BT11 is also available with intrinsically safe approval.

The PD2 is a pulse discriminator for by-directional flow applications, the PR2 is a pulse repeater interface for high loads & the PC1 miniature interface board converts an NPN solid state output to a PNP pulse output.

The FI-420 is a programmable 4~20mA frequency to current converter which fits within any Trimec Flow Products flowmeter.

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Strainers & Mechanical Meter Assemblies

A range of strainers is available to suit the various ranges of flowmeters . Sizes available from DN8 with mesh size 200 to DN80 with mesh size 40.

Meters 1″~4″ fitted with an angle adaptor will take various combinations of large mechanical registers, presets registers, printers & associated check & cut-off valves.

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Specialty Meters

It is not uncommon for a customer to have a flow application which requires a tailored solution. Trimec maintains a “specific build” register of the many flowmeter design variations which have been provided to customers over the past 20 years.

Design variables have included special process & electrical connections, high temperature meters, sub sea meters, tropicalised electronics & many other non standard constructions in accordance with the customers specific requirements.