Neptune® MACH 10® Ultrasonic Residential Water Meter

The MACH 10® solid state ultrasonic water meter features no moving parts, ensuring continued accuracy and performance over the life of the meter and maximum revenue generation from your metering program. Its high-resolution measurement allows you to accurately capture extremely low flow rates, while a rugged, lead free bronze main case adds to its long-term performance.

Ideal for residential fire service and secondary water applications, the MACH 10 meets residential fire service codes and can support high flow requirements while maintaining accuracy.

Be Confident with Sustained Accuracy Over Time

The MACH 10® ultrasonic water meter features solid state metrology with no degradation of accuracy over time. Combined with a corrosion-resistant, lead free, high-copper alloy maincase, the MACH 10 is built to withstand demanding service conditions and deliver sustained accuracy over the life of the meter.


  • Sizes ⅝”, ¾”,1” 1½ ” and 2”
  • Extended low-flow range and accuracy
  • No maintenance
  • Accuracy sustained over meter life
  • Advanced ultrasonic technology
  • Lead free, high-copper alloy maincase
  • Certified to UL 327B (3⁄4”, 1”) for residential fire service applications

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We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT

Neptune® MACH 10® Ultrasonic Water Meter Residential Product Sheet (5/8"-1")
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Neptune® MACH 10® Ultrasonic Water Meter Intermediate Product Sheet (1-1/2"-2") 

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Neptune® MACH 10® Ultrasonic Water Meter FAQ
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