Gasboy® Software Solutions Your Way

To operate in the fleet environment, information is the key driver that enables you to solve problems and make informed decisions. Gasboy continues to work toward providing our customers with the best software choices for your needs and now offer both a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model or software you can install on your own IT infrastructure servers.

Your Fuel EKOSystem: Empowered by Innovation

Gasboy continues to provide valuable fueling innovation for our customers. EKOS is our next generation fueling portal platform allowing you to be in control of every aspect of your fueling environment. From buying fuel from suppliers to retail transactions and fuel trends, let EKOS help you get more done while saving money for your organization.

Maximize Your Fleet Fuel Efficiency with these benefits:

  • Transactional Data at your finger tips
  • Fuel Inventory and Reconciliation ready to view
  • Data trends help reduce fuel theft and manage use
  • Request fuel quotes from suppliers in minutes
  • Buy Now: dispatch and manage fuel delivery in one place for all sites
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Fleet Head Office: Fuel Management For Your System

Software Solution on your System

For those customers who would prefer to manage your own software and IT infrastructure, Gasboy has The Fleet Head Office Software packages. Gasboy’s Fleet Head Office (FHO) provides access to more information in more places than any other fuel and fleet management enterprise application. It is the only system that provides remote, web-based access to real- time data and reporting. Fleet Head Office, with the secure web interface, allows management of the fleet, fuel and sites, and set rules for individual components or the entire operation—anytime, anywhere.

Software Benefits:

  • Web-based system / Provides the flexibility to manage operations from anywhere you connect to the Internet
  • Easily configured customizable reports / Makes it easy to get the information you need in the form you need it
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling / Helps extend vehicle and equipment life
  • Restricts vehicles or drivers or control-use thresholds based on time, geography, fuel types and more / Gives you greater remote control of your fleet
  • Your Gasboy distributor can show you the positive difference Fleet Head Office can make in your fuel management system

Software Features:

  • Perpetual Software License
  • Web-based system from your own server
  • SQL Database
  • Consolidate data from multiple sites
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