Who’s In Your System?

SmartCover gives you the ability to detect authorized or unauthorized opening of manholes so you can manage response information and provide proof of operations, labor accounting and citizen engagement. The visibility also allows you to combat illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.For use with sewer, water or stormwater manholes, utility vaults, and other lid or manhole accessed spaces.

Our tamper trigger immediately informs staff when authorized or unauthorized entry is happening — a real-time alarm is transmitted to field staff who are then able to take appropriate action.

Illegal Dumping
Our technology continuously gathers and analyzes sewer flow data. When suspicious changes are detected, public works is informed of any intake point. Over time, data from specific hotspots is used to detect unusual surges, indicating a large discharge into the sewer system. Time stamped data is tracked and used to investigate illegal entry and dumping into a collection system — saving millions of dollars in resources.

Field Work Verification
Expedite response to critical issues, and automatically gather accurate response information. This feature provides managers with objective proof of operations, accurate accounting of labor, and reduces incident response costs. This can be used to log and verify maintenance or field work for citizen response reports.

Vaults, Nuclear Plants & Borders
The feature addresses a wide range of remote entry detection requirements across a variety of industries including electric utilities, fiber optic vaults, nuclear facilities, border perimeter security, transportation infrastructure, military installations as well as commercial, construction and industrial sites.

Added Security
Alarms for manholes, utility vaults, and other lid-accessed spaces can be established as a stand-alone intrusion detection system for added security, especially for distant and remotely located infrastructure assets.

Entry Detection:

  • Built-in tilt switch for real time tracking.
  • Action notifications
  • Detect unauthorized dumping.
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Asset protection at critical sites
  • Verify field work execution
  • DKnow when and where system access has occurred
  • Get ahead of potential problems
  • Monitor and protect remote locations


The technology is adaptable and may be used for multiple threats and a number of applications under a variety of conditions.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Cable Vault Security
  • Critical Site Asset Protection
  • Remote Site Protection
  • Field Work Verification
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Unauthorized Dumping Detection
  • Border Monitoring
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