Introducing Ecoglo®, the visibility better solution in life safety systems and risk management

Ecoglo® uses a patented process to produce a range of products that provide solutions for your pathfinding needs. Ecoglo® provides step edge contrast while increasing slip-resistance and it is visible in all light conditions.

Ecoglo patented process bakes in the photoluminescent powder and non-slip material making Ecoglo® tough enough to pass internationally accredited laboratories relating to durability, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance, abrasion and cleaning.

Ecoglo® products are designed to be a part of a complete safety way guidance system. Photoluminescent safety way guidance is the safest most effective way to ensure evacuation of your facility in event of black out.

Ecoglo Emergency Lighting Backup Systems


  • The energy stored in Ecoglo Photoluminescent pigments will continuously exhaust for over 100 hours until it needs to be recharged by re-exposing it to a light source
  • With PL way-finding systems, an image of the pathway is created by outlining elements such as steps, landings, doors, etc. and critical information such as change in floor level or direction
  • PL way-finding systems can play a vital life-saving role by showing the safe exit path, even in heavy smoke
  • The standard when designing PL way-finding systems for smoky conditions is low-level continuous marking less than 1 meter above the floor level
  • Even if in a dark room for a week, it can recharge for a 2 hour evacuation in as little as 10 minutes


  • Installation can be completed by any competent handyman Maintenance
  • Occasional dusting Life Span
  • 35 year life-span Environmental Impact
  • Ecoglo is not radioactive or toxic and uses no energy. In 35 years, the aluminum can be recycled
ECOGLO® Photoluminescent Exit Sign System

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ECOGLO® Safety Way Guidance System

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ECOGLO® Step Edge

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