Gilbarco® EV Chargers for Retail Fueling

C-stores are the forefront of electrification providing frictionless integration that doesn’t require drivers to change their behavior. Often located near highways, interstates or high-traffic areas in town, these locations are perfect for EV drivers looking for a quick top-up charge or those on a road trip. With broad operating hours–some staying open 24/7–food, beverage and Wi-Fi are just a few of the dozens of amenities c-stores have to offer EV drivers. Coupled with clean and well-lit characteristics, EV drivers are sure to have plenty of safe, secure options to pass the time when charging at a c-store.

C-Stores: Fueling the Future


Benefits of Installing an EV Charger

Retail Charger


New Revenue Stream

Create a new revenue stream with ev chargers. Priced by time or kWh, you have the flexibility to fit your needs.

Increases In-store Sales

EV drivers, on average, spend more on foods, beverages and Wi-Fi while waiting for their vehicle to charge.

Attracts New Customers

Enhance your business brand image and appeal to customers with environmental and sustainability concerns.

The perfect EV charger for C-store Owners

The RT50 50kW DC Fast Charger is the latest addition to Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s portfolio of solution.

Simple and quick to install, with high interfacing capabilities, the RT50 allows seamless integration of the latest EV technology into your site, in the least disruptive manner. Unlike other solutions, with the RT50 you can start reaping the benefits of EV technology from day one. It’s your site, your space, your chargers, your customers, your data, and your profits.


Easily Take Payments

Mirror "pay at the pump" transactions with a built-in credit card reader

Convenient, fast charging for drivers on the go, the RT50 50kW DC Fast Charger allows for a seamless payment process using our built-in credit card readers. Transactions mirror "pay at the pump" so your drivers have the optimal charging experience. With network software, EV drivers who prefer to pay with an app, can.


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