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Kinesik Access® FR Fire Resistant Tactile Surface Systems

Designed for Interior Applications!

Kinesik Engineered Products is pleased to announce Access Tile® FR — The ONLY Fire Resistant Tactile Warning Surface Indicator Tile. This Innovation utilizes our NEW Proprietary FIRESENTRY-XTM Composite Technology.

Access Tile® FR meets ULC-S102.2 fire standard at less than 25 flame and less than 50 smoke. This ULC certified fire rating for Access Tile® FR is the industry’s first composite tile meeting the Ontario Building Code requirements. Access Tile® FR is the cost effective interior tactile solution for applying TWSI for tactile warning floor surfaces at exit stair wells, vestibules to exit stairs and lobbies, and corridors.

Maximized efficiencies in manufacturing, materials sourcing and product specifications deliver the most cost-effective solution in the industry. Access Tile® meets the most recent AODA, CSA, ISO, provincial and national building codes.

Tactile Walking Surface Indicators for following applications;

  • Exit Stair Wells
  • Vestibules to Exit Stairs
  • Lobbies
  • Corridors


Access Tile® FR is in full compliance with Canadian Accessibility Codes and meets the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) 2012 Table The full product range of Kinesik tactile walking surface indicators meet the most recent AODA, CSA, ISO, NFPA 130, as well as, provincial and national building codes. Kinesik Engineered Products is your one stop source for all tactile systems for interior and exterior applications. Only Kinesik provides a complete range of products designed for safety, code compliance and functionality.

Product Features;

  • A cost effective method of retrofitting an existing curb ramp application
  • A complete system is shipped with the tiles; adhesive & colour match fasteners
  • Beveled edges make for a smooth transition that meets Canadian Accessibility Codes
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Easily cut to conform to various sizes and radius ramps
  • Available as a standard radius tile
  • Available in three (3) different sizes to meet your needs
  • Comes in six (6) standard colours with Federal colour identification numbers
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

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