Water Intrusion Detection

SmartVault™ is the application of SmartCover to detect water intrusion in utility vaults. Utility vaults can become flooded from ground water intrusion, rainwater, or leaking conduits. Access to enable inspection of vaults can be difficult and expensive but without consistent visibility to manage conditions, water exposure can lead to infrastructure degradation, failures, reliability issues and regulatory action. Excessive lid weight and structural requirements to withstand tornadoes and other environmental extremes requires planning and coordination. A SmartCover system eliminates the necessity for time consuming visual vault inspection.

How it Works
With the placement of a sensor inside the vault, the system measures and monitors internal water levels and if rising level is detected, notifications are issued. Accessibility to vaults may be complicated by excessive lid weight and structural requirements to withstand tornados. This impedes easy, quick and frequent visual inspection of the vaults. SmartVault™ is an efficient, powerful monitoring system that relieves the necessity for visual vault inspection. It provides users with ongoing, desktop access to the conditions inside the vault with graphical information through a secure web browser where vault conditions are observed from a dedicated website.

Where it Works:

  • Air release valve (ARV) vault
  • Pressure relief valve (PRV) vault
  • Cable vaults
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