MID:COM pioneered the computer register business in 1976. There are over 30,000 of our computers and registers operating in all types of weather, from tropical heat, humidity and salt air to the bitter cold of the Arctic Circle. Our systems accurately account for billions of dollars of product everyday. MID:COM products are easy to operate as stand alone systems. They can be used with GPS antennas to geocode tank locations, with cell phones or radios to provide real time data transfer or other computing devices.


The E:Count will improve the accuracy and efficiency of any mechanical meter by replacing hundreds of moving parts with a very low maintenance, solid state electronic counter. E:Counts are primarily used on bulk delivery trucks and can be mounted on or connected to any type of meter. Truck systems include a Power Control Module that provides convenient connection points for 12 Volt power from the truck electrical system and conditioned power out for 12 & 24 Volt printers, host computers and up to two E:Counts. Many providers of on board computer systems have an interface to E:Count.

Key features:

  • Easy mounting and use on any brand or type of meter
  • Large easy to read alpha numeric display
  • Easy to follow legends for all operations
  • Self contained calibration and setup functions
  • Accepts any type of pulse input
  • Built in Endure Switch® control keys (for harsh environments)
  • Sealed connectors including power, valve control and remote readout
  • Field programmable for custom applications
  • Eliminate change gears, adjusters, linkages and other mechanical parts
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MID:COM 8000

MID:COM 8000 is the ultimate, rugged, easy-to-use cab mounted computer, printer and data transfer system. Using the SD data card, the driver has access to 50,000 complete customer records. An easy to follow menu guides the driver through the delivery process. The most popular software providers offer an interface that provides automatic posting from the data card to your accounts receivables.

Key Features:

  • Electronic Temperature Compensator reduces shrinkage by 1%
  • Increases driver efficiency by 10% to 15%
  • Reduces meter maintenance by 50%
  • Eliminates handwritten tickets and driver pricing errors
  • Reduces ticket posting time by 90% and eliminates posting errors
  • Eliminates postage costs

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E:Count LT

A Standalone Electronic Counter That Will Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency of Any Mechanical Meter

The E:Count LT replaces hundreds of moving parts with a very low maintenance, solid state electronic counter. The E:Count LT is a 12 Volt, single product counter designed for stationary applications such as flammable liquid dispensers, bulk plants and industrial applications including batching, blending and inventory control. The standard features allow this product to be used for many demanding applications. Key Features:

  • The Standard version is for Class I, Division 2, Group C, D
  • The LTIS version is for Class I, Division 1, Group C, D
  • U.S. NTEP Approved COC # 06-031A2
  • Measurement Canada Approved AV-2396 R3
  • Measurement Canada Approved AV-2437

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