Neptune®Double Check T-10® Meter

We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT

Save time, installation costs in retrofit applications with Neptune’s Double Check T-10® water meter, which also offers security against cross-connection.Today, utilities are faced with cross-connection regulations while challenged to meet rising homeland security initiatives. The Neptune® T-10® Double Check back flow meter delivers a positive drip-tight seal for protection from the reverse f low of non-potable liquids brought about by a cross-connection breach.

Why the Double Check T-10®?

The Double Check T-10® water meter combines the metering accuracy of the T-10 meter with the water quality protection of a double check valve, reducing installation time and cost, supporting cross-connection control, and addressing homeland security initiatives.


  • Lead free bronze maincase
  • 365-day, 15-minute interval reverse flow monitoring with E-CODER®)R900i™ or E-CODER®)R450i™ registers
  • Adaptable to multiple registers and meter reading systems without removing meter from service
  • Integral double check backflow device and T-10 meter design
  • Positive displacement, nutating disc measuring chamber
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We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT

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