Neptune® HP PROTECTUS® III Stainless Steel (S)

We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT

The Neptune® HP PROTECTUS® III Stainless Steel (S) fire service meter measures extremely wide flow ranges at 100% ± 1.5% accuracy. All HP fire service meters meet or exceed AWWA C703 Standard, are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 requirements, and are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed and Factory Manual (FM) Approved for fire service use.

Fire Service Meter


The HP PROTECTUS III S fire service meter is designed to measure both domestic and fire service water usage through a single water line. A typical application would be in a warehouse, hotel, or hospital where one water line may supply any number of faucets or bathrooms as well as an automatic sprinkler system.


At low f low rates, all f low is through the bypass meter. As f low increases, pressure loss through the bypass meter increases and the detector check valve automatically opens. This condition occurs, for example, when a fire sprinkler system goes into operation. This permits f low through the mainline turbine meter. As f low decreases, reduced pressure loss closes the detector check valve and f low is again directed through the bypass meter.


The combined readings of the mainline turbine and the bypass meter indicate total consumption through the HP PROTECTUS III S meter.


  • 300 series stainless steel mainline body
  • Integral detector check valve (stainless steel spring-loaded type)
  • 300 series stainless steel strainer body with stainless steel basket
  • HP Turbine measuring element
  • Lockable ball valves used on bypass
  • Check valve used on bypass
  • 1” T-10® meter (on 4” size)
  • 11⁄2” T-10 or 11⁄2” HP Turbine meter (on 6” size)
  • 2” T-10 or 2” HP Turbine meter (on 8” and 10” sizes
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We Currently Only Sell In Alberta and NWT
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