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Simplify meter data collection and turn it into actionable information with the NGO Simplify meter data collection and turn it into actionable information with the NGO™ app for Android™ phone or tablet or Apple® iPhone™ or iPad™ . NGO provides on-the-spot field analysis and presentment capabilities. app for Android™ phone or tablet or Apple® iPhone™ or iPad™.

Analyze and Present Data at the Source

Simplify the collection of meter reading data and turn it into actionable information with the NGO™ app, available for your Androidor iOS phone or tablet. Available in the Google Playor Apple Store, this app enables your personnel to make the most of their time while in the field, providing on-the-spot analysis and presentment capabilities. Part of the enhanced R900®System, NGO leverages the detailed, accurate metering data from the E-CODER®absolute encoder register. Analyze that metering data at the source to improve your customer service as well as identify leaks and reverse flow.

Automate and Optimize Your Field Operations

Neptune makes it easy for your utility to optimize workforce and operational efficiency. Running on any common Android or iOS phone or tablet, NGO enables your field techs to collect detailed data logging information when needed during on-site customer visits. They can immediately generate graphs of a customer’s water usage patterns to show exactly when they used more water than usual or when a probable continuous leak began somewhere in their house. The graphs also provide all E-CODER alerts to further aid in troubleshooting usage anomalies. Our NGO app is easy to install and use, and immediately puts AMI functionality literally in the palm of your hand –including 96 days of hourly interval data as well as flags for leaks, tamper, and reverse flow straight from the meter.

Provide Proactive, Confident Customer Service

The NGO app helps your utility save time and money, especially when it comes to saving truck rolls by allowing faster response in the field. It puts the power of Neptune’s E-CODER technology and advanced analysis into more of your utility personnel’s hands.With simplified access through the app to accurate, timely information, your personnel can take care of a customer’s water-related issue or answer a question then and there, in a single site visit. Quickly, easily, and confidently, they can inform customers of high water consumption and identify leaks and other problems much earlier, cutting weeks,and possibly months,in the discovery, customers a great deal of money in the process. All this pro activity can head off high bill complaints, reduce delinquent payments, and eliminate write-offs.


  • View data logging graphs and data in the field
  • Share data logging graphs and data with the homeowner to address high bill complaints
  • Test read R900s in the field or before installation to obtain reading and E-CODER flag events
  • Address high bill complaints and provide customer service while on site
  • Obtain off-cycle reads
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We Currently Only Sell In Alberta

Neptune® NG™ App
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