TLS4i and TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge

The TLS4i and TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge systems are simplified, self-contained solutions, ideal for the commercial and industrial businesses monitoring 2-4 tanks. 

The TLS4i and TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG) have the same graphical user interface as the TLS-450PLUS tank gauge, increasing technician familiarity for quick setup using the easy-to-navigate color touch screen. Using the TLS4i or TLS4c tank level sensors eliminates manual dipping while providing a state of the art interface with a web-based system, streamlining your wet stock management.

Real-time access to accurate inventory data

TLS4i and TLS4c Automatic Tank Gauge

Keeping compliant is vital to ensuring you’re not cutting into profits with costly fines or fees. The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge is designed to help you meet those requirements and maintain compliance records so you’re not tied down with red tape. With the availability to connect to a multitude of sensors, and features like Continuous Statistical Leak Detection or Electronic Line Leak Detection, the TLS-450PLUS fuel management system is flexible to suit the best compliance methods for your business.

Wet Stock Management Benefits:

  • Improve accuracy over manual reconciliation methods.
  • Eliminate stick readout error.
  • Eliminate data transcription error.
  • Avoid manual reconciliation variance caused by temperature, delivery shortages, tank tilt, stick inaccuracy,
    and leaks.
  • Web-Enabled Remote Connectivity – anytime, anywhere access via web-enabled devices to monitor site performance, providing peace-of-mind by delivering real-time alerts, compliance reports and variance analysis.
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Veeder Root TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge Specifications (577014-455)
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